1 shirt 2 outfits

Why am I wearing 2 different outfits in one day? The reason is because here in Italy in order to enter the Vatican church one’s knees and shoulders must be covered! (I wore a shawl over my top FYI!) 

Unfortunately, due to the heat my family and I immediately went back to our hotel to swap our modest clothes for shorts and tanks. So here are two very different outfits with the same top. 


Rome day 1



Today I busted out the red. Red lips, red pants, and red bleeding feet. On the bright side, it is 80 degrees and sunny! God has blessed my family’s vacation with good weather and (so-far) everything is going to plan. Despite my bloody feet (never wearing heeled sandals again to Europe ever again!) I am happy and relaxed! Luckily, I have 5 more days left in Europe so expect daily blog posts. For now, ciao my friends! 

Graduation OOTD

Traditionally, it seems women wear white dresses under their graduation gowns! I chose a flowy, floral white-gray summer dress for this special occasion! However, you can wear whatever color you want- after all, it’s your day! With that being said, congrats to all my fellow 2017 graduates! May we all grow to become compassionate, loving, wise, and kind adults. More importantly, thank you Jesus for leading me up to this point in my life… onwards and upwards we go.

Dress: Chelsea28

Wedges: betty muller

Wardrobe transitioning…? 

So, this past sunday was unfortunately freezing. The temperature in the NY/NJ area dropped from 80 on Saturday to 65 on Sunday. *cries* Jk. Weather changes just allow me to play around with different clothes! I know a lot of people typically transition their wardrobes from winter to summer but, I’m not one of those people. I like to wear all of my clothes year round. This outfit in particular is a combination of my summer/winter wardrobe. The River Island blue jacket is a sturdier, warmer jacket made for fall weather. My little black dress (which is a closet staple) is made of lighter material and is meant for summer/spring. I just layered the dress with the beautiful jacket and wore black tights to keep warm.

What do you guys do? Do you transition your wardrobes from winter-summer and put clothes away? Or am I the only weirdo that doesn’t ?!

Modern Dorothy

So, it seems that gingham is back.. and I ain’t mad about it. Truthfully, I used to hate gingham as a child because it reminded me of scarecrows and let’s be real, scarecrows are creepy/strange. BUT, I’ve overcome my fears and I am now obsessed with it! 

Recently, I bought this gingham top at Zara (my first ever gingham top BTW) and I paired it with a short denim skirt that I actually cut myself- DIY forever. Anyways, I opted for a more casual look because summer is approaching and I wanted an easy breezy look. Nobody wants to feel stuffy in their clothes during the summer, so this ensemble is perfect for the hot and humid weather that’s approaching because the fabrics are so breathable. Let me know what you guys think about gingham! 

Business Savvy

Why so serious? Well, I have a business event coming up that I need a fresh and profesh outfit for. Truth be told, often times in order to stick out from the crowd when job searching, it’s okay to wear some color and patterns. So, for this event I decided to stay away from the typical boring white collar, black suit look and exchange it for a more fun but appropriate polka dot pattern.  I paired my polka dot top with a slim fitted calf length skirt to add some class to the look. Lastly, nothing screams business professional than a suit jacket and low black heels. *TIP if you are going to a business professional event ALWAYS bring a well fitted suit jacket to maintain professionalism. Make sure not to over accessorize… sometimes less is more. 


As many of you know, I just came back from a roadtrip to DC with a couple of my friends. While packing, I decided on a casual but nice look. I paired a black tanktop with a Zara cardigan and jeans (I mean, you can’t really go wrong with pairing a heavily patterned top with simple colors.) I accessorized the outfit with my favorite cross necklace (bought in a boutique in Paris) and my red Gentle Monster sunglasses. I chose the red sunglasses due to the fact that they match with the red patterns in my cardigan. P.S sunglasses are the easiest way to accessorize an outfit and make a statement! Lastly, my Stella McCartney cross body bag was my savior. I dislike carrying a lot while traveling so this bag was the perfect size to carry my wallet and gadgets.